Quality Process

Our customers focus on the specification quality of a product & service. This help them to compares to competitors in the international marketplace.

  1. Producing providing best products.
  2. Checking confirming that every product development process has been done correctly.
  3. Quality Control controlling a process to ensure that the outcomes are predictable.
  4. Quality Management directing our team so that it optimizes its performance through analysis and improvement.
  5. Quality Assurance Cords & Knots obtaining confidence that products and services will be satisfactory.

Mission Statement Our ultimate goal is to provide our services to an ever increasing market. Similarly, we want to simplify and standardize...

professional expertise so that it reaches higher levels of consumer satisfaction.

Vision Statement To excel in the field of hand embroidery, machine embroidery and MOD accouterments by providing quality products to our precious clientele. We are committed to serve our customers through innovative and cost effective methods. We are equipped with state of the art machinery and infrastructure.

Core Values Win and sustaining the confidence of our valued customers by following stringent secrecy and confidence building measures. Among our foremost priorities are professionalism and maintenance of quality standards.

Our Strategy aims at consistency, continuous development and improvement in our products, and supreme level of customer satisfaction; we can never compromise on quality. Our clients are most valued stakeholders to us. We make our clients rest assured that the quality of our products will not change or fall down during the repetition of orders. At the Cords & Knots, our skilled and well-trained workers produce high quality products.

Products Specialty

  • Authentic research to select raw materials
  • Produced by highly skilled professionals.
  • Stipulated delivery schedules.
  • 99.9% refined material.
  • Variety of products choices.